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Created since 2021, Bluepinksecurity proposed a large of services for its clients. 

Bluepinksecurity is one of the most successful providers of cutting-edge technologies and services, offering solutions adaptable to all businesses.


Today, Bluepinksecurity is a smart and innovative startup that offers its services to dozens of clients around the world.​

We design solutions and services by listening to our potential customers and understanding their expectations of our product. By analyzing this information, we personalize our offer to adapt to a market with changing needs.​

With its experience in cybersecurity, BluePinkSecurity offers tailor-made solutions adapted to your ecosystem in order to ensure optimal security as well as a solid defense in depth against cyberattacks.​


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Exclusive Media Technology For

Provide cybersecurity awareness

Pinkmedia is Bluepinksecurity's entity which is in charge of awareness and vulnerabilities campaigns.
A partner of choice for many of the leading and solving enterprises and technology challengers.
We help businesses elevate their cybersecurity through custom awareness solutions. 



Excellent DevSecOps Training academy

Campuskonoha is Bluepinksecurity's entity which is in charge of trainings and certification.
In partner with prestigious institute, companies and certification's academy to provide high quality of knowledge in order to train operational students.

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cybersecurity Certification

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IT Consulting Services

ExpertiseKuybi, respected technology solutions consulting company is to on a strong team of passionate and expert technologists. 

We have support more than thousand successful projects and clients across the world. 


Our Mission

BluePinkSecurity promotes diversity in cybersecurity. The Blue refers to the masculine, the Pink to the feminine, hence the word BluePinkSecurity. Whether you are male or female, you have a place in cybersecurity in general and BluePinkSecurity in particular.  


The attacks are increasingly violent with devastating consequences for companies that 60% have gone bankrupt. Our ambition is to support companies to face these threats through the training of new experts, the awareness of employees and tailored expertise to anticipate and counter threats. 


Our vision is to be a market leader and to offer solutions, software for all companies as well as secure devices around the world. We are the only company to offer a complete offer in the cybersecurity market, namely training, awareness and expertise to secure the application data of natural and legal persons. 

BluePinkSecurity offers innovative services through its various centres of expertise, advice, training and awareness on the ways and means to be adopted to fight cybercrime. We offer training and certifications in cybersecurity. Our cybersecurity expertise and consulting offers help us anticipate threats and propose a sustainable solution. Our experts develop the solution to overcome vulnerabilities. In order to become aware of the danger, we provide training to the company’s personnel. We provide vulnerability monitoring and support to companies.  

Our training and certifications are renowned. 

Our Leader

Baka DIOP 


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